Comparison of the Quality of Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy in Inpatients Versus One-Day Surgery Patients


  • Jukkapong Jaturawanit


Colonoscopy, Colorectal cancer, Inpatient, One Day Surgery


Background: Currently Most of Thungsong Hospital colonoscopy patients are inpatients. One-day surgery system  reduces congestion in hospitals, reduces the length of hospital stay, reduces the risk of infection, and saves costs for patients and hospitals

Objectives: To study and compare bowel preparation results for colonoscopy between inpatients and One-day surgery patients.

Method: Retrospective observational study. By collecting data on colonoscopy patients Between 1 April 2023 and 30 June 2023, there were 186 patients, divided into 126 inpatients and 60 outpatients. By comparing 2 parts of information: Part 1 includes gender, age, BMI, and underlying diseases, and part 2 is an assessment of results of bowel preparation, Length of colonoscopy, and colonoscopy results

Results: One-day surgery and inpatient were female 60% and 57.9% (p-value = 0.789), Average age was 53.7 ± 8.65 years and 60.25 ± 10.81 years (p-value <0.001), No underlying diseases were found 81.7 and 53.2(p-value < 0.001), respectively. One-day surgery patients had bowel preparation results of Good/Excellent 1.05 times (Unadjusted RR = 1.05, 95%CI: 0.75, 1.48) with no statistical significance (p-value = 0.780) and length of colonoscope of both groups that no Statistically significant difference (p-value = 0.073).

Conclusion: The comparison of bowel preparation in the colonoscope between inpatients and one-day surgery patients found no difference.


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