The effect of cycling on sexual health in men


  • Nifahmee Hayiniloh Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital
  • Nattapong Wongwattanasatien Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital
  • Vorapot Choonhaklai Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital
  • Viroj Chittchang Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital
  • Somkiat Pumpaisanchai Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital
  • Tanet Thaidumrong Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital
  • Sermsin Sindhubodee Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital
  • Matchima Huabkong Division of urology, Department of surgery, Rajavithi Hospital


cycling, erectile dysfunction, IIEF-15


Objective: To study the effects of cycling and the effect of  cycling’s factors such as hardware and riding position on sexual health in male cyclists.

Material and Method:  Total of 125 of male cyclists 18 years and over who have had sexual intercourse surveyed using the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-15) questionnaires. The results were compared with 125 men who exercise by running and 125 men who do not exercise. Type of bicycle,  type of saddle , cycling position , bike fitting , duration of each cycle and total time from start cycling until now were collected in bicycling group.

Result: No significant difference of demographic data except BMI in cycling group, running group and male who do not exercise group (44.58, 44.86 and 44.75 year old respectively). The mean total IIEF-15 score in erectile function domain were significant higher in cycling and running group who compared with no exercise group (22.14, 21.83 and 19.65 respectively) (p<0.001). No significant differences in orgasmic function domain, sexual desire domain, intercourse satisfaction domain and overall satisfaction domain in all three groups (p>0.05). No significant differences in all cycling factors on erectile function except cycling position of 30 degree , 60 degree and 90 degree respectively (28.33 vs. 22.54 vs. 19.33  p<0.001)

Conclusion: Both cycling and running can improve sexual health in men in erectile function domain compare with men who do not exercise, and bicycling has no hazardous effect on sexual health in men.


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