Effectiveness of a New Guideline (Care map) to Reduce Catheter Indwelling Time after TUR-P in Siriraj Hospital


  • Kwannapa Preechamanitkul
  • Areejitr Buaiem
  • Anupan Tantiwong
  • Juthamas Kapraedee
  • Jaruwan Kongtragul




Objective: To study the effectiveness of new guideline for 3 days duration of catheter indwelling post TUR-P. To identify prediction factors in the patients who follow the guideline.

Material and Methods: 115 BPH patients in Siriraj hospital who had indication for TUR-P were studied. The new guideline was consisted of removal of indwelling catheter if hematuria does not occur after 24 hours discontinuing of CBI (continuous bladder irrigation).The main outcomes were percentage of cases followed the new guideline. Percentage of acute complication, re-catheterization and re-admission were measured and interpreted as secondary outcome.

Result: More than 90% of patients were older than 60 years old and more than 50% had co-morbid diseases. The percentage of the patients who followed the new guideline and could remove the catheter within 3 days was 52.2% and the catheter was removed in day 4 : 37.4%. There was five patients who needed re-catheterization and only two patients were in the group that followed the new guideline. There was no re-admission in this study. The predictor factors for early catheter removal (within 3 days post TUR-P) were number of normal saline solution irrigation, manual irrigation and fever in day 2 post TUR-P.

Conclusion: The new guideline was effective without increased complication. So it was safe and should be applied in TUR-P patients.


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