Cystolithotripsy Versus Cystolithotomy For Vesicle Calculi Greater than 2.5 cm


  • Sompop Theerakitpaisal Urology Unit, Trang Hospital


Cystolithotripsy, Cystolithotomy, Vesicle Calculi


Patients with vesical calculi (VC) greater than 2.5 cm. in Trang hospital were treated by cystolithotomy (30 cases, 2003-2004) and cystolithotripsy (36 cases, 2005-2007)

Cystolithotomy was done by conventional method. Cystolithotripsy was done through a 26-30 F. Amplatz sheath and was applied transurethra. Fragmentation and removal were performed with a 24 F. rigid nephroscope and the Pneumatic Swiss lithoclast. Urethral catheters were placed postoperatively in all patients. All patients were cleared of stone burden with a single procedure, and there was no major complications. The operative time was 32 mins for cystolithotomy and 35 mins for cystolithotripsy. The hospital stay was 7.71 vs 1.89 day, the analgesic use 2 vs 0.25 dose, infection 4 vs 0 case and the cost of hospital stay is 16,192 vs 12,615 baht respectively. Cystolithotripsy is an effective and safe technique for treating large vesical calculi, it is minimally invasive, short hospital stay and cost effectively.


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