Management of the Entrapped Foley Catheter 3 Case Reports


  • Wittaya Boonlerdkerdkrai Department of Surgery, Jaoprayaapaibhubejhr Hospital


Management, Entrapped, Foley Catheter


A potential complication of Foley Catheter use is entrapment of the catheter as a result of balloon malfunction, a faulty valve mechanism, malfunction of the inflation channel, encrustation, knotting of catheter or balloon cuffing, etc.

These 3 reported cases of the entrapped Foley catheter are due to non-deflated balloon, catheter encrustation and catheter knotting. Non - deflated balloon catheter was treated by passaging of ureteric guide wire into the balloon port dislodging an obstruction. Encrustation balloon was treated by cystolitholapaxy. Entrapped cystostomy catheter knotting was treated by extending cystostomy wound. This article has discussed how to manage and simple intervention about this problem.


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