Men's Health : Experience from Thailand


  • Krisada Ratana-olarn Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok 10400, Thailand


Men's Health, Experience from Thailand


As of 2006, Thailand has already stepped into the aging society and the aging population is increasing rapidly. However, the only increase of life expectancy is not enough. Need to strive for a healthier life expectancy to maintain productivity and independent living, free of disability and reduce health service cost is more desirable.

The striking difference in life expectancy and susceptibility to certain diseases between men and women is rather well known. Women are more likely to seek health care than men and have gynecologists as specialized physicians for their medical care. Recently, menûs health issues are gaining more concerns.

In Thailand, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, as the main organization respon- sible to promote health, has developed various policies to support the aging menûs health since 1998. The national health promotion plan indicated in the 9th National Economic and Social Plan (2002-2006) has emphasized on development of knowledge and technology concerning aging menûs health. The impact assessment, development of health care patterns, strategies and standard implementation in clinics are also included.

The ùùgolden-aged menûû clinics (for 40-59 years old men) were firstly started in some medical schools in 1999. The clinics were mainly ran by gynecologists and general practitioners. Recently, many clinics are switched to menûs health center for more elderly men and are mainly organized by urologists. However, holistic approach and interdisciplinary collaboration between specialists are not apparently seen but are possible in the near future.


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