Current Management of Function Female Bladder Outlet Obstruction


  • Vasun Setthawong Department of Surgery, Lerdsin Hospital, Ministry of Public Health


We have known for a long time that women can have the same lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) as men. Sixty-six point six percent of women and 62.5% of men who are over 40 years old have had lower urinary tract symptoms(1). Women have more storage symptoms and men more voiding symptoms. For years it was assumed that lower urinary tract symptoms in men were caused by obstructions while the same symptoms in women were the result of bladder dysfunction. Thus, bladder outlet obstruction was less frequently suspected in women with lower urinary tract symptoms. However, bladder outlet obstruction has been increasingly observed in women over the past several years. Recognizing women at risk of having BOO, and understanding how to best diagnose this condition are essential steps in choosing the therapies that will provide long-lasting benefit.




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