Focus and Scope :    

          Subject areas related to the journal’s theme also include: Sport, physical education, health promotion Sports science, Sport Management Business in sport, recreation, tourism, education and related fields


Peer Review Process :               

          All submitted menuscripts must be reviewed by expert reviewers. All article must be considered by reviewer 3 persons in accordance with the criteria specified in a manner to conceal information from both parties. (Double-blind peer review). The article needs to pass the evaluation criteria from 2 in 3 reviewers, so it can be considered to pass the assessment criteria for publication of the article. And need to adjust the article according to the opinions of both reviewers and editors until the article was completed, then proceeded to issue the printed acceptance sheet of the publication and bring the article into the journal publication process.  A plagiarism check will be conducted on all papers prior to review. Papers deemed suitable with a similarity index of less than 20% are sent to the Section Editor for an invitation of a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the study. The Section Editor is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of all manuscripts. The Section Editor’s decision is final.                                                                       

Types of articles :           

    Research article and Academic article                                                              

Language :                   

   Thai - English                                                                          

Publication Frequency :  

  The journal publishes three issues a year

    Issue 1 : January-April

    Issue 2 : May-August

    Issue 3 : September-December                                                                                                      

Publisher :                    

    Thailand National Sports  University 


     The opinions expressed in various in the journal are those of the individual authors. Editorial team isn't need to agree with and not in responsibility