The Development Of Estimate Fetal Birth Weight in Pregnancy labour room Buntharik Hospital


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Estimate Fetal, Height of fundus Abdominal Circumference, Birth Weigh


Background: Buntharik Hospital is a 60 bed community no obstetrician. There are guidelines for predicting fetal weight by a professional nurse in the delivery room. Initial assessment by measuring height-top of the womb pregnant women who come to give birth at the first time. Summary of baby weight estimates at various uterine height tables and built a ruler to measure the weight of the baby from 2010 to the present. Each year there are many incidence due to the birth of a baby. Body weight is not related to the pelvis of pregnant women causing birth dystocia and delivery of the shoulder dystocia. This lead to birth asphyxia, birth trauma and death.

Material and methods: Descriptive research is a pregnant single pregnancy There are no complications true labor pain, gestational age of 28 weeks or more and the fetus has vertex presentation. All internal cervical exams have been assessed and the amniotic sac has not ruptured within 24 hours from the first reception. The babied were born in the delivery room of Buntharik Hospital, Buntharik District, UbonRatchathani Province From 1 February 2017 to 30 September 2017, Buntharik District, UbonRatchathani Province, amount 134 person.

Result: The average true birth weight was 2,987.24 gram SD 390.11.  Fetal weight prediction by measuring the height of the uterus from Bikini line Mother's belly circumference at the navel level Calculated according to the equation 1,884.099 +0.383(HF×AC) Average baby weight 3,042.15 gram, comparing with the actual weight of newborn. Have the least average difference in weight is 54 grams SD 292 grams, statistically significant (t-value = 2.177, p-value =0.323).

Conclusion: When considering the estimated weight of the fetus with the actual weight of

uterus from the bikini line, the circumference of the mother's belly at the navel level Calculated according to the equation 1,854.099 +0.3333 (HF × AC) with true newborn weight with the least average difference in weight, 54 grams


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