Intraosseous Calcaneal Lipoma

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Thanis Saksirinukul, MD


A 32-year-old Cambodian malepresented with intermittentright ankle pain withouthistory of trauma. Physical examinationrevealed normal configuration withoutswelling, mild tenderness at anterolateraland anterior (A). Lateral view of rightankle radiograph demonstrated awell-defined osteolytic lesion at rightcalcaneal neck to body, with thinsclerotic rim, containing focal internal dystrophic calcification, without adjacent cortical breakthrough (B). There is a diffuse fat density in the lesion on non-contrast computed tomography (CT) (C), corresponding to additional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings; bright T1W signal (D) with signal drop on fat suppression sequence, and small surrounding vascularity (E). Intraosseous calcaneal lipoma was diagnosed

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