Study of WBC and MCV of Blood Donors Effect to the Quality of Leukocyte Poor Packed Red Cells at Phuket Regional Blood Centre


  • Thanasarn Looklem Phuket Regional Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society
  • Pornthip Rattajak Phuket Regional Blood Centre



Mean corpuscular volume, White blood cells, Automated separators, Leukocyte poor packed red cells


Objective: This research aim to study WBC and MCV from Complete Blood Count (CBC) in blood donors effect to the quality of leukocyte content in leukocyte poor packed red cells (LPRC) at Phuket Regional Blood Centre

Methods: Random the blood donation (2 men 2 women) amount 4 units/day with K2 EDTA blood was collected for CBC testing by automated hematology analyzer. Divide LPRC separated by Kawasumi KL-521 automated separators and find out high leukocyte content in LPRC (> 1.2 x 109 cells/unit) from blood donors between January to December 2018 amount 1,448/30,977 units (4.67%)  

Results: The results showed that the amount of LPRC with high leukocyte content 332/1,448 units (22.93%) in case of high WBC from whole blood (parameter WBC > 8,000 cells/µL) 200 units (60.25%) low MCV (parameter MCV < 80 fL) 121 units (36.45%) and WB mixed with high leukocyte content and low MCV 63 units (18.98%). Conclusion: high WBC and low MCV of blood donors effect to the quality of LPRC (p < 0.05). Therefore, donor screening from the first step is very important. Then, the preparation of LPRC should be considered testing with automated hematology analyzer with criteria WBC < 8,000 cells/µL and MCV > 80 fL before blood donation as confirmed by this study


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