Introduction to cardio-oncology: Anthracyclines induced cardiotoxicity


  • Chonthicha Tanking Cardiovascular unit, Chulabhorn hospital, Chulabhorn Royal Academy


Cardio-oncology, Chemotherapy induced cardiotoxicity, Anthracycline


Cancer is known to be the leading cause of death among Thai people. New advanced technology has brought about many novel effective treatments which lead to an impressive increase in cancer survivors over the past decade. Parallelly, the number of morbidity and mortality due to treatment side effects also grows. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most frequent side effects. Evidence founds that cancer treatment with chemotherapy has an adverse impact on the cardiovascular system. This article will discuss the burden, risk factors, and how to recognize and prevent chemotherapy induce cardiotoxicity especially from Anthracyclines. Since Anthracycline is highly used in treating cancer and is notorious for causing cardiotoxicity.


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