Effects of the One-Stop Smoking Cessation Nursing Service in the Non-Communicable Chronic Disease Clinic, Thoen Hospital


  • Patcharin Ketpratum Thone Hospital
  • Sriprapai Inchaithep Boromrajonani College of Nursing Nakorn Lampang, Faculty of Nursing Praboromarajchanok Institute, Ministry of Public Health


A One-Stop Smoking Cessation Nursing Service, Non-Communicable Diseases, Smoking Cessation


This one group pretest-posttest quasi-experimental research aimed to examine the effects of a one-stop smoking cessation nursing service system in the non-communicable disease clinic and to evaluate clients’ satisfaction in Thoen Hospital, Lampang province. The 54 participants were purposively selected from the patients who addicted to cigarettes In Non-Communicable Disease Clinic. The research instrument was a one-stop smoking cessation nursing service system developed by the researchers based on a literature review. Data collection tools were a patient information form, the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence, and a satisfaction questionnaire with Cronbach's alpha coefficient confidence of 0.97. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The comparison of smoking cessation rates and nicotine addiction levels before and after enrolling in the one-stop smoking cessation nursing service was analyzed using a paired t-test.

The results showed that after enrolling in the one-stop smoking cessation nursing service, the smoking cessation rate increased from 40.87% to 84.10%. The nicotine addiction score of the sparticipants decreased significantly, with the mean decreasing from 5.98. (S.D.= 1.22) to 2.41 (S.D.=0.74) (p-value< 0.01). Participants with chronic non-communicable diseases were satisfied at a high level, with an average of 4.04 (S.D.=0.58). The results of this study provide basic information for Thoen Hospital to develop a one-stop smoking cessation nursing service system in the non-communicable disease clinic and could allow healthcare providers to apply the service to other clinics to help patients of Thoen Hospital continue to successfully quit smoking.


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