Design and Development of the Colostomy Bag Model for Person Who has Colostomy

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Natthacha Chiannilkulchai
Nuchanad Sutti


This study was a design and development research related to developing a model of colostomy bagin patients with colostomy. The objectives were to develop a model of colostomy bag and to evaluate its effectiveness. The study was conducted in 2 phases: design and development of a model of colostomy bag and evaluation of its efficacy. One hundred and eight nursing students in the third year, Ramathibodi Hospital,participated in this study. The instrument used was the questionnaire asking for the user opinions on theeffectiveness of the developed colostomy bag. Its content validity was evaluated by 3 experts, resulting in 0.95. Its reliability was examined using Cronbach’s coefficient alpha, resulting in 0.88. The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics.

The results revealed that students indicated strongly agree to effectiveness of the colostomy bags in all aspects (M= 4.56, SD = 0.39). For each aspect, the values of the use of colostomy bag had the highest mean score (M = 4.68, SD = 0.40). For each subscale, the tolerance of adhesion strict with colostomy bag had the lowest mean score (M = 4.20, SD = 0.69).The developed colostomy bag was a model that performed as a part task trainer. Students are able to practice the technical skill with this model. Importantly, providing sufficient colostomy bags helps students be able to have frequent practices, leading to develop more skills and to be confident when practicing in
clinical care settings.


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