Nursing Engagement: The Process of Nursing Grounded in the Theory of Human Potential Fulfillment in Nursing (HuPoFNE)

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Alih-Marl A. Akbar
Rozzano C. Locsin


All persons have potentials to live meaningful lives thereby sustaining their health and wellbeing.
Through nursing engagements, personal desires can be fulfilled provided persons are viewed in a
way that embraces the whole being. Meaningful lives can be expressed in caring through nursing practice.
Nursing engagements constitute a humanistic nursing practice process, fulfilling a person’s potentialities in
living a meaningful life while attaining, maintaining and sustaining health and well-being. This process of
nursing is grounded on the theory of Human Potential Fulfillment within Nursing Engagement (HuPoFNE).
Four assumptions are developed and described affirming that the nursing care practice process of Nursing
Engagement is theoretically-based. The Nursing Engagement process of nursing is guided by the active
practice of knowing, appreciating and engaging, transpiring as fulfilling hopes and desires of persons’ whole
are wholes and complete in the moment. HuPoFNE is the theory of nursing practice that is realized by nurses
and ones nursed - celebrating, supporting, and affirming humanness applicable and critical within a human
caring perspective. Fulfilling human potential characterizes humanistic nursing as the demonstration of the
nurse’s loving solicitude, mutually desiring loving, caring, and appreciating the complex nature of persons
in human caring relationships. Knowing the “being” of persons who are nursed provides the knowledge
of nursing needed to respond appropriately in practice. Appreciating the co-existence of the nurse and the
nursed in finding meaning in their lives is engaging in the process of living, fulfilling lives in health and
well-being through nursing.


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