The Practice of Yoga in Releasing Menstruation Discomforts

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Sasithron Laimek
Samonnun Tassaneesuwan
Siriporn Vetcho
Onanong Chukaew
Angsuma Aphichato


     Yoga is one of the eastern wisdoms believed to maintain life-balance holistically. This article was to discuss the result of practicing Yoga in releasing menstruation discomforts among 2nd year nursing students participating in the project “Yoga for releasing menstruation discomforts” during the 2-month period. Nine of the 2nd year nursing students participated in the project continuously. The average score of menstruation discomforts decreased after practicing yoga (prior to the project M=2.83, SD=0.47, after the project M=2.52, SD=0.64). The pelvic cramp was the symptom that was most released. Students found yoga to be relaxing


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Laimek, S., Tassaneesuwan, S., Vetcho, S., Chukaew, O., & Aphichato, A. (2018). The Practice of Yoga in Releasing Menstruation Discomforts. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 38(1), 154–162. Retrieved from


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