Effects of Home Exercise Promoting Program Using a Stretched Rubber Band on the Physical Fitness of the Elderly

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Naichanok Thinchana
Kanittha Naka
Maithai Srikaew


     This quasi-experimental, time series design, study aimed to determine the effects of a home exercise
promotion program using a stretched rubber band on the physical fitness of twenty-eight elders. The study
period was 12 weeks divided into two stages: a control period (week 1-6) the subjects performed activities
as usual, and an experimental period (week 7-12). During the experimental period, the subjects received a
home program to promote physical exercise which adopted the 5 process behavior modification framework of
Prochaska and Declemente with the application of exercise using a rubber band based on the FITTE Principle.
Research instruments consisted of 1) experimental instruments including a home exercise promotion program
using a stretched rubber band, and a handbook for the home exercise program using a stretched rubber
band and 2) data collection instruments including a general information questionnaire, an exercise recording
form, and the Sports Authority of Thailand Physical Fitness Test. The instruments were validated by three
experts. The reliability of physical fitness test was examined by using a test-retest method which yielded the
correlation coefficient of 0.9. General information data were analyzed using frequency, percentages, mean,
and standard deviation, and hypothesis was tested using repeated measures analysis of variance.
      Results revealed that the elderly’s physical fitness in relation to muscular strength and endurance,
muscular flexibility, and lung and heart endurance after participating in the home exercise promotion program
using a stretch rubber band (week 12) was statistically significantly higher than that of before participating
in the program (week 1- 6) (p<. 05).
      Finding of this study showed that the home exercise promotion program using a stretched rubber
band improved a physical fitness and should be implemented in the elderly at home.


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Thinchana, N., Naka, K., & Srikaew, M. (2018). Effects of Home Exercise Promoting Program Using a Stretched Rubber Band on the Physical Fitness of the Elderly. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 38(2), 70–78. Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/nur-psu/article/view/132035
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