End-of-Life Care Needs of the Elderly in Home for the Aged

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Sirilak Somanusorn


A descriptive qualitative study was conducted to find out the end-of-life care needs of the elderly in home for the aged from 18 elderly informants, age between 62 to 87 years.  Content analysis was used for data analysis. The findings revealed that the needs of the elderly at the end of life supported by two groups; 1. Home for the aged staff  and 2. Home for the aged resident.  Care from staff in home for the aged divided into two phases; 1) Before death care, which consist of 5 issues; 1. Contact with the elderly children to meet them before passed away 2. Close up care and give more attention 3. Refer to hospital in case of the condition getting worst, 4. Arrange for the dying person to see the monk before passed away, and 5. Lead by guiding words to be in a good place after death, and 2) After death care, which consist of 2 issues; care for the dead body and funeral ceremony arrangement, and making merit for the spirit.  However the co-operative care from the residents were; 1.  Provide care when have signs of illness and 2.  Stay together in good relationship and forgiveness.

The results from this study could be used as the guideline for nurses and other  people to deliver end-of-life care for elderly people in home for the aged according to the needs and the lifeways of the elderly people.


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