The Development of Mental Health Promotion Program for the Elderly by Participation of Community at the District Level Songkhla Province

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Maithai Chaiyapan
Bunrome Suwanphahu


     This research and development study aims to develop and evaluate the mental health promotionThis research and development study aims to develop and evaluate the mental health promotionprogram for elderly. The study consisted of 3 stages; stage 1 studying problems, needs and guidelines for mental health development, stage 2 developing mental health promotion program, and stage 3 evaluating program. The subjects were divided into an experimental group and a control group with 40 elderly each. The tools included mental health evaluation forms, need assessment questionnaires, guidelines for group discussions, and a mental health promotion program. Descriptive statistics and t-test were used for quantitativeanalysis while content analysis was used for qualitative analysis.

     We found that in stage 1 mental health problems of the subjects were stress, depression andanxiety. Problems affecting mental health were physical and mental deterioration, the lack of motivation,and ignorance of mental health care. The suitable mental health promotion program should launched in a flexible and fun way. In stage 2 the mental health promotion program for elderly we have designed consisted of 5 activities; stress management and spiritual development, prevention of depression, interaction with the family and society, self-evaluating promotion, and access to supportive sources in the community.In stage 3 after applying our program the experimental group significantly obtained higher mental health mean scores (D1=27.28, SD=16.13) than the control group (D2=3.26, SD=4.93) receiving routine care(p<.001, t = 6.35).


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Chaiyapan, M., & Suwanphahu, B. (2019). The Development of Mental Health Promotion Program for the Elderly by Participation of Community at the District Level Songkhla Province. Songklanagarind Journal of Nursing, 39(3), 150–168. Retrieved from
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