Health Care for Slowly Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease Among Persons With Daibetes, Hypertension and People in a Community at Srisaket Province

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Kawisara Sornpood
Lukawee Piyabanditkul


          This research aimed to analyze the health care situations of diabetic and hypertension patients and people in the community to slowly progressive chronic kidney disease in a community at Khukhan District, Srisaket Province. Key informants included diabetic and hypertension patients and people aged 30 years and over, and stakeholders 44 persons. The data were collected by interview, focus group discussion and observation. Quantitative data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and qualitative data were used content analysis.
          The results showed that most of the patients could not control blood sugar and blood pressure and had triglycerides and body mass index over than the standard level. According to these factors, the patients were at risk of chronic kidney disease. In addition, four people aged 30 years and over had risk of diabetes and five of them had risk of hypertension. The health status of the patients and those group of people was related to the level of knowledge regarding diseases and health care at a moderate level affecting inappropriate health care behaviors, including food consumption, alcohol drinking, exercise, drug uses and continuous treatment. They also had lack of skills and awareness of health behavior modification to slow kidney degeneration. Furthermore, community support and health services of primary care units were not congruent with patient needs and problems, and community environment has not conducive to promote appropriate health behaviors for the patients and people in the community.


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Sornpood, K. ., & Piyabanditkul, L. . (2020). Health Care for Slowly Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease Among Persons With Daibetes, Hypertension and People in a Community at Srisaket Province. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 40(1), 101–114. Retrieved from
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