The Relationship between Personal Factors and Physical Activity Levels among Patients with Non-communicable Diseases, Phrae Province

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Nattapon Pansakun
Supakan Kantow


          This cross-sectional analytical study aimed to investigate personal factors, physical activity levels, and factors associated with physical activity among patients with non-communicable diseases in Phrae Province. The participants were 391 patients with non-communicable diseases, were selected by using multi-stage sampling procedures. The data were collected using a questionnaire consisted 3 parts; Part 1 Demographic data and personal ability, Part 2 Physical activity questionnaire, and Part 3 Quality of life assessment. The Cronbarch’s alpha coefficients were 0.88 and 0.84 respectively. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Chi-square inferential statistics, and binary logistic regression at 95% confidence interval.
          The results showed that 58.3 were women, mean age of the study participants were 62.7 (SD = 9.31 years). The participants were 44.2% with hypertension, 32.5% with type 2 diabetes mellitus, and 23.3% with both. Most participants were 38.9% higher physical activity level, and were good to very good level in personal ability such as communication and daily activities. Individual factors; gender, age, average income per month, marital status, the highest educational level, overall health, and quality of life were significantly correlated to physical activity levels (p-value < 0.05). The people with an average monthly income of more than 9,000 baht are likely to have a high level of physical activity (PR = 6.24 95%CI 1.72-22.59) compared to those with an average monthly income of less than 3,000 baht.
          Conclusion One-third Chronic NCD patients in this study had low physical activities. Thus, the relevant agencies should be used in the formulation of physical stimulation measures for non-communicable diseases in different groups according to the recommendations of the world health organization.


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Pansakun, N. ., & Kantow, S. . (2020). The Relationship between Personal Factors and Physical Activity Levels among Patients with Non-communicable Diseases, Phrae Province. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 40(2), 66–82. Retrieved from
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