The Development of a Long Term Care Service for Dependent Elders in Nongsim Sub-district, Borabue District, Mahasarakham Province

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Piyarat Yapradit
Orasa Kongtaln


        This action research aimed to improve long term care service for dependent elders with chronic illnesses and conditions in Nongsim sub-district, Borabue district, Mahasarakham province using conceptual framework from long-term care service and chronic care model approach. Research approach consisted of 2 cycles of action research, of which each cycle included 4 phases: PLAN, ACT, OBSERVE, REFLECT. Fifty
three key informants were selected by purposive sampling included 15 dependent elders, and their caregivers, village health volunteers, community leaders, multi-disciplinary personnel and care manager. Data were collected using focus group, in-depth interviews, observation and also secondary data from related records and documentations. All qualitative data were analyzed by content analysis and descriptive statistic was used for quantitative data analysis  
     The research outcomes showed that long term care service encouraged 77.70% of dependent elders to be improved as they had higher Barthel ADL index. Several long term care service packages were developed in order to support dependent elders in various situations and contexts such as basic foundation and hygiene
care; rehabilitation; stroke care; cancer and end-of-life care; bedsore care; and careplan for caregivers. Also clinical practice guideline for long term care service was developed under CUP agreement.
     The recommendations were to expand and to develop more long term care packages and clinical practice guideline in other contexts. Also key messages from practice level should be presented and submitted as executive summary in order to improve policy and decision making at local administrative organization to participate in health service fund.


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Yapradit, P. ., & Kongtaln, O. (2020). The Development of a Long Term Care Service for Dependent Elders in Nongsim Sub-district, Borabue District, Mahasarakham Province. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 40(3), 48–65. Retrieved from
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