Teenage Pregnancy Prevention among Primary School Students

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Pattaya Kaewsarn
Napaphen Jantacumma


Teenage pregnancy is a major risk to maternal and fetal health, and also affects the society, economy, and education system. This problem was raised to the national agenda to formulate strategies for preventing and solving the teenage pregnancy problem at the national level 2017-2026 with the cooperation of 5 ministries: Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Labor. Registered nurses play an important role in providing healthcare services in four dimensions: health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation and treatment. Nurses are also the key health personnel for pregnancy prevention in the school age group. The primary school students would be the main target group of concern for pregnancy preventing. Primary prevention is to focus on first pregnancy prevention. Therefore, the guideline for pregnancy prevention in primary school students should be focused on 5 issues: 1) School administrators should raise teenage pregnancy as a problem to be addressed; 2) Teachers should play a role in teenage pregnancy prevention; 3) Reform of sex education programs; 4) Monitoring, measurement and evaluation of sex education programs; and 5) Networking cooperation in preventing and solving pregnancy problems. Therefore, preventing and solving the problem of teenage pregnancy needs to be a priority and requires cooperation from stakeholders for first pregnancy prevention in primary school students.


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