Development of Renal Care Community by the Community in Srisaard Subdistrict, Khukhan District, Srisaket Province

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Kawisara Sornpood
Lukawee Piyabanditkul


Objective: This action research had an objective to develop the Rak Tai Community (Kidney Care Community) for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and people in Ban Khok Kwang, Srisaket Subdistrict, Khukhan District, Sisaket Province. Rapid Assessment, Response, and Evaluation: RARE Model and The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion were employed with forty six informants. Methods: data were collected by interviewing, focus group discussion and observation. A quantitative data analysis was conducted using descriptive statistics and a qualitative data analysis using a content analysis method. Results: The results showed that the renal care community model consisted of 1) The potential development of public health vonlunteers to basic physical examination high risk group of chronic kidney disease, 2) Giving the knowledge of chronic kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension and also using modern and herbal medicine, 3) Developing skill to cook low sodium food and exercise for slowly progression of chronic kidney disease, 4) Creating the exercise club for health promoting in the community, 5) Developing health care service system by community participation, 6) The merit event did not use alcohol and soda drinks but used herbal and organic vegetable in household. The results of the renal care community model showed that 1) blood sugar and blood pressure levels could be better controlled in patients with diabetes and hypertension and people above the age of 30 years old, which resulted in better, kidney function, 2) the health volunteers and family caregivers had the potential and more participation in taking care of patients, 3) there was a higher number of service days, service notifications by the community, and more provision of media in the form of images to notify kidney function level, 4) the community established exercise groups and a public relations team for religious ceremonies, and 5) the community had a policy of alcohol-free and carbonated water-free funerals where
herbal drinks were served, as well as instead with at least 4 types of vegetable were planted per household,
Conclusion: thus the truly community participation clould lead to strength and sustainability.


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Sornpood, K. ., & Piyabanditkul, L. . (2021). Development of Renal Care Community by the Community in Srisaard Subdistrict, Khukhan District, Srisaket Province. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 41(3), 85–98. Retrieved from
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