The Meaning of Being Adolescent Mothers while Simultaneously Rearing Children and Studying

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Benyapa Thitimapong


Objective: This descriptive qualitative study aimed to describe the meaning of being adolescent mothers who were undertaking child-rearing and studying simultaneously after childbirth. Methods: The participants were 20 adolescent mothers within 2 years after giving birth to a healthy baby who were also concurrently students in non-formal education. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were carried out to collect data, which were analyzed using a content-analysis method. “Learning to move forward” was the major meaning ascribed to the meaning of being adolescent mothers while rearing children and studying. Their expressions were classified into two categories: 1) having more responsibility, and 2) accepting and moving on. Results: The result of this study can be used to inform nursing educators and teachers to support and encourage pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers to continue their education.


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