Nursing Students’ Perception on Video-based Teaching of Contraception

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Benyapa Thitimapong
Najwa Niyomdecha


Objective: This descriptive qualitative research aimed to present nursing students’ perception on video-based teaching of contraception using video created by the researcher. The media consist of images and motion pictures including subtitles. The content covered the types of contraception, their uses, advantages and contraindications, etc. Participants were 30 nursing students in the second academic year who attended the contraceptive class and also watched contraceptive video. Method: Data were collected by focus group interviews using semi-structured interviews. Content analysis was conducted to analyze the data. Results: The findings indicated three main themes regarding nursing students’ perception on video-based teaching of contraception: 1) video increases learning more efficient, 2) the idea regarding improved guidelines for teaching management on the topic of contraception, and 3) the idea regarding factors promoting learning on the topic of contraception. Conclusion: The results could be applied to develop teaching media on the topic of contraception and other topics, as well as adapted to suggest good teaching guidelines on other learning topics. Further research should study the result of using contraceptive video-based teaching on students’ confidence in advising clients on wards.


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