A Study of Radiation Oncology Nurses’ Competency

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Araya Samoh
Pratyanan Thiangchanya
Prapaporn Chukumnerd


Objective: To identify radiation oncology nurses’ competency by using the Ethnographic Delphi Future Research (EDFR). Method: Participants were 21 experts divided into 4 groups: 1) oncology nurse administrator, 2) oncology nurse, 3) radiology and oncology physicians, and 4) medical physicists and radiologic technicians. The research method consisted of 3 steps: 1) interviewing 21 experts using openended questions, 2) ranking the importance of the questions from the first round by the same group of experts, 3) analyzing the questions using median and interquartile range to develop a new version of the questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent to previous experts to confirm the previously ranked items. The data were analyzed again using median and interquartile range. Results: It showed that radiation oncology nurses’ competency comprised 9 components : 1) 5 items of holistic health assessment, 2) 5 items of caring for cancer patients undergone radiotherapy, 3) 3 items of relationship and trust, 4) 5 items of health education and counseling, 5) 3 items of continuity of care, 6) 5 items of technology competence, 7) 3 items of research and knowledge development, 8) 4 items of leadership, and 9) 3 items of palliative care competence. Conclusion: Nurse administrators can use this result as a guideline to recruit, develop and evaluate the competency of radiation oncology nurses.

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Samoh, A., Thiangchanya, P., & Chukumnerd, P. (2022). A Study of Radiation Oncology Nurses’ Competency. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 42(3), 74–85. Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/nur-psu/article/view/258651
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