Coaching New Nurses, Challenges for Emergency Room: A case study at Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital

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Krittaya Dangsuwan
Chadaporn Fongsuvan
Kritsanee Kamonmattayakol


Coaching new nurses for improving their competency to meet the standard and work happily is the responsibility of each staff nurse at the emergency room to conduct a systematic coaching for providing safe care to clients. This study aimed to develop core competency for new nurses graduated in 2012 by coaching at the emergency room to be able to care for clients with confidence and righteousness as professional standard. Methods This study was a qualitative research. A systematic coaching was conducted by mentor nurses. The sample was 11 new nurses who were coached by 11 mentor nurses. The coaching was following: the mentor nurses coached new nurses on ER knowledge and 24 basic skills during the first month of working and helped new nurses to adapt themselves to the new role as anurse in the emergency room throughout the whole year. The coaching was evaluated using feedback between mentor nurses and new nurses, a record of providing the procedures, case studies, and evaluation of competency.

Results nine new nurses were approved for their competencies. The record of each individual’s experiences during the first month showed that each new nurse had different experiences.  When completion their first year practice, all new nurses satisfied with this coaching style, gained confidence to practice their roles,  perceived themselves belong to the ER unit, and were able to initiate by themselves to address their needs for further practices for some related advanced clinical knowledge and skills.

The result confirmed that the systematic coaching can facilitate new nurses to gain confidence, happy, work with pride and still working in the ER.

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Dangsuwan, K., Fongsuvan, C., & Kamonmattayakol, K. (2015). Coaching New Nurses, Challenges for Emergency Room: A case study at Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 35(2), 35–44. Retrieved from
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