Development of a Service System for Women with an Unplanned Pregnancy at Rattaphum Hospital, Songkhla Province

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Warangkana Chatchawet
Whatcharee Noypha
Sukhon Keawchaun
Sarisa Ratanapong
Witoon Suttimat
Sureeporn Kritcharoen
Sophen Chunuan


               This participatory action research aimed to develop an efficient, safe and fair service system for women with unplanned pregnancy with an emphasis on the participation of fifty four healthcare personnel of Rattaphum Hospital, including fifty professional nurses and four physicians, as well as five women who had experience of unplanned pregnancy and had visited to the service of Rattaphum Hospital. The process of the research included the steps of research and action. The data collection consisted of in-depth interview and focus group of the healthcare personnel and in-depth interview of the women. Data were analyzed using content analysis.

                The data revealed that the issues to be developed included "development of healthcare personnel", that is the training course for developing the concept based of sexual fairness and the counseling for potential enhancement for minimizing bias, listening, and not judging women with unplanned pregnancy. Moreover, "development of service system", which led to actions designed to create change in people and service systems. Actions for system development included the meeting to determine the primary responsibilities for counseling, practical guidelines for counselors, data collection system, and places for counseling, as well as develop the flow chart. After a 3-month trial of the new service system, it was found that healthcare personnel and women with unplanned pregnancy who came to the services in this period were satisfied with the services of healthcare personnel and the newly developed service system. 


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Chatchawet, W., Noypha, W., Keawchaun, S., Ratanapong, S., Suttimat, W., Kritcharoen, S., & Chunuan, S. (2016). Development of a Service System for Women with an Unplanned Pregnancy at Rattaphum Hospital, Songkhla Province. Journal of Research in Nursing-Midwifery and Health Sciences, 36(3), 197–209. Retrieved from
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