The Effect of a Behavioral Change Promotion Program on Health Behaviors and Blood Lipid of Hotel Staff with Hyperlipidemia

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Thanida Olarikkachat
Piyanuch Jittanoon
Maithai Srikeaw


           This quasi-experimental study aimed to determine the effects of a behavioral change promotion program on health behaviors and blood lipid of hotel staff with hyperlipidemia. The sample group comprised 33 hotel staff. Purposively selected according to inclusion criteria. The experiment was divided into 2 periods: The control period (The first 8 week) and the experimental period (The following 8 week). The instruments used in this study consisted of 2 parts: 1) experimental instrument including the behavioral change promotion program in food consumption and exercise, and 2) data collection instruments including food consumption behavior and exercise/physical activities behavior questionnaires. All instruments were validated for content validity by 3 experts. The questionnaire was tested for its reliability by 25 hotel staff, yielding a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.83 in coefficient food consumption behavior and 0.83 in exercise/physical activities behavior. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and one-way Repeated Measures ANOVA.

          The result revealed that the average score of food consumption and exercise /physical activities behavior in experimental period were different significantly (F = 143.77, p < 0.001) (F = 110.90, p < 0.001) and the average cholesterol level were different significantly (F = 37.83, p < 0.001)

          Findings indicated that the behavioral change promotion program can reduce blood cholesteral for working-age population with high cholesterol problem. However, prior to the program regarded of context is important.


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Olarikkachat, T., Jittanoon, P., & Srikeaw, M. (2016). The Effect of a Behavioral Change Promotion Program on Health Behaviors and Blood Lipid of Hotel Staff with Hyperlipidemia. Songklanagarind Journal of Nursing, 36(4), 99–116. Retrieved from
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