Self-care Behaviors of Persons with Epilepsy of Psychiatric

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Samang Punpratom
Darunee Tantijareanviwat


This descriptive research aimed to study Self-care Behaviors of Patients with Epilepsy and Psychiatric symptoms in Suansararom Psychiatric Hospital. Purposive sampling was used to recruit 80 patients with Epilepsy and Psychiatric symptoms for samples. Instruments comprised of the Demographic Questionnaire and the Self-care Behaviors Questionnaire based on Orem,s self-care concept (Orem, 2001).  Content validity was examined by three experts. The reliability was examined by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient fo 0.76.  Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis.

The major results revealed that the self-care behavior among the majority of sample was at high level (X= 4.29, SD = 0.21). Concerning each aspect of self-care behaviors, it was found that the sample performed most aspect of such behavior at high level, including hygiene care, elimination, air/food/water care, rest/activities and taking medications and symptom management. The interaction with others was at moderate level.

The results of this research can be applied for planning data to help and support the interaction with other in patients to have effective self-care behaviors. This can prevent the patients repeatition of hospitalization and increase their quality of life.

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