Patients and Nurses' Perception on Nurses' Information Given in Songklanagarind Hospital

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Pamorn Chamraksa
Sudchit Triprakong


This descriptive study aimed to examine patients and nurses' perception on nurses' information given in Songklanagarind Hospital. Data collection was done between July 2010 and March 2011 on 332 patients and 239 registered nurses. The questionnaires consisted of three parts: patients' and nurses perception on nurses' information given questionnaire. This questionnaire was developed by the researcher based on the information given record form proposed by the nursing department based on a conceptual framework, Songklanagarind Hospital. The reliability of patients and nurses' perception on nurses' information given questionnaire was tested by using Cronbach's alpha coefficent and it yielded a value of 0.98 and 0.94 respectively. Open-ended questions to explore the most wanted information perceived by patients as well as perceived barriers for nurses on the quality of information given regarding patient's rights. Data was analyzed by frequency distribution, mean score, standard deviation and independent t-test.

The study results revealed the overall patients' perception on the nurses' information given was at moderate level (X = 2.43, S.D.= 0.95). Whereas, the overall nurses' perception on the nurses' information given was at a high level (X = 2.88, S.D.= 0.47). Interestingly, nurses and patients' perception on information given was significantly different in every part (p < 0.05).

The recommendations were made to nurse administrators to launch a policy regarding the giving of information by nurses using the same pattern as well as regularly documenting, evaluating and auditing nurses' practices in giving information. Instructional media such as a pamphlet or VDO should also be developed to enhance the quality of nurses' information giving as well as providing a chance for patients to learn independently.

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Pamorn Chamraksa, Songklanagarind Hospital

Sudchit Triprakong, Songklanagarind Hospital