Case management for clients with diabetes mellitus and hypertension in a community

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Tippamas Chinnawong


          Nowadays, diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HTN) are main health problems around the world, and its prevalence is increasing day by day, mostly due to food consumption behaviors and unhealthy life styles. If clients cannot control their conditions, the complications could affect physical, psychosocial, and economic issues, as well as might cause premature deaths. Clients with uncontrolled conditions are still high because of multiple factors including clients themselves, health care providers, and health care systems. Case management is a concept that has been implemented in health care system to manage complex cases or high cost of care, especially chronic illness. The essence of case management for clients with DM and HTN in the community are to develop nurses’ roles in care management along with clinical care/ practice, protect and promote clients’ rights and responsibilities, manage all possible variability, and pay more attention on outcome management; in order to prevent new cases, prevent acute and chronic complications as well as provide cost-effectiveness care within community context.  

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