Key contributor for Nurse Job Satisfaction in Private Hospital

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Porphanawit Panurat
Boonjai Srisatidnarakul


The objective: Research aimed to study the staff nurse’s perception of factors associated to job satisfaction in private hospitals, Bangkok metropolitan.

Research design: The subjects were 325 registered nurses from private hospitals.

Measures: The instrument rating scale with 5 levels, used to assess the staff nurse’s perceptive of the possibility to satisfy of nurse’s job satisfaction. The instrument were developed from  concept and related research. The questionnaire has been validated by content experts with score of CVI 0.89. The Cronbach alpha 0.92 used as reliability test, covered key contributor 7 dimensions of job satisfaction. The data were analyzed by using analysis of mean, percentage, frequency and standard deviation.

Result: The key contributor of job satisfaction that show strongly agrees with the benefit and income, interrelationship with co-worker (M = 4.55, S.D. = 0.64 and M = 4.50, S.D. = 0.61) and strong agrees with work environment, leadership supportive, work life balance, professional opportunities, job description. (M = 4.39, S.D. = 0.64; M = 4.35, S.D. = 0.66; M = 4.34, S.D. = 0.75; M = 4.20, S.D. = 0.67 and M = 3.98, S.D. = 0.70 respectively)


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