A Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Thai Physical Therapists in Health Promotion

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Lalita Prompan


This research aimed to evaluate knowledge, attitude and practice of Thai physical therapists in health promotion. The samples of 444 physical therapists working in public hospitals throughout 12 Thai health service regions except Bangkok were invited to participate this study, and there were 389 (87.61%) physical therapists completing online questionnaires. The results showed that most of physical therapists had knowledge, attitude and practice level as good (59.64%), excellent (59.38%) and poor (57.33%), respectively. Knowledge had significantly negative relationship with practice (rs= -0.11, p< 0.05) and attitude had significantly positive relationship with practice (rs= 0.286, p< 0.05). The barriers in health promotion practice were lack of manpower, health promotion knowledge and indicators for physical therapists.  

         Summary, the majority of physical therapists have good knowledge and attitude toward health promotion, however practices are rare. Attitude has relationship with health promotion practice. The policy recommendation is that health providers should increase the physical therapist workforce and set indicators related to health promotion of the physical therapists. Training courses on health promotion should be provided for physical therapists to encourage more health promotion work.

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