The Relations between Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on the Use of Antibiotics for the Upper Respiratory System, Fresh Wounds and Diarrhea as Applied by the Public Health Volunteers Affiliated to the Nongkinpen Community Hospital in Ubon Ratchathani Province

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Introduction:Due to the widespread Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of the Health Service Support had organized the volunteering system and the public sector for the local and home quarantine. The local public health volunteers were to play a vital role in providing the local communities with medicines and offering them the advice on using the antibiotics  for the upper respiratory system, fresh wounds and diarrhea. However, public volunteers were found  not having  adequate knowledge and practice concerning the medical  uses. Objective: to study knowledge, attitudes and practices on the antibiotics as held and  undertaken by the village public health volunteers.Methods: was a survey research. The subjects were sixty public health volunteers.The research instruments were a test on a practical knowledge on the use of antibiotics for the upper respiratory system, fresh wounds and diarrhea and a questionnaire on the attitudes and personal life conduct.  The index value in conformity toS-CVI/Ave was equivalent to 0.690.Results: found that knowledge regarding the use of antibiotics for the upper respiratory system, the subjects answered the test correctly, accounting for72.61%; on the use of the antibiotics for the fresh wounds,64.38% of the subjects answered the test correctly; 81% of the subjects did the test correctly on the use of antibiotics for diarrhea. The personal life conduct regarding the use of antibiotics was found at a good level( =3.08, SD=1.129).General knowledge, use of antibiotics for the respiratory system, and use of antibiotics for diarrhea were related to the attitudes on using the antibiotics(sig=.027,.014,.032).Conclusion: knowledge on using antibiotics had a positive impact on the attitudes of the public health volunteers.

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