Factors Influencing Health Promoting Behaviors of Thai Adolescents

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สุริยา ฟองเกิด
สรวงทิพย์ ภู่กฤษณา
มนทรา ตั้งจิรวัฒนา
สิบตระกูล ตันตลานุกูล


          This research aims to study the factors influencing Thai adolescents’ health promoting behaviors. A survey research method was used based on the concept of Pender’s health promotion model. Yamane formula was used to identify the sample size and a stratified random sampling method was performed to recruit 400 Thai adolescents . The research questionnaire was developed by the researcher. Data analysis included the use of frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, and multiple regression analysis. The research results revealed that the factors of obtaining information from various sources (OIV), perceived benefits of action (PBOA), perceived barriers to action (PBTA), and the factor of education (EDU) can predict health promoting behaviors of Thai adolescents (R2=.103, F=11.346, p<.001). The highest prediction variable was obtaining information from various sources (OIV) (β=0.264, t=5.260, p<.001). The moderate predicting factor was the perceived benefits of action (PBOA) (β= -0.204, t=3.969, p<.001) and the lowest predicting factor was the education (EDU) (β=0.134, t=2.779, p= .006).


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