Home-based Fall Prevention Guideline in Thai Contexts for Elderly People

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เยาวลักษณ์ คุมขวัญ
อภิรดี คำเงิน
อุษณีย์ วรรณลัย
นิพร ขัดตา


         often result in reduced quality of life due to losses of functional ability, severe injuries or even death in older persons. This article presents home-based fall prevention guidelines for older people in Thai contexts. We examined factors related to falls in older persons including external, internal

and precipitating factors and conducted a literature review related to fall prevention interventions. Twelve principles identified for effective fall prevention. These principles are represented as a series of 12 P’s in accordance with the meanings ascribed in Thai language. These include: P1: Assessment (including gait and balance, vision, activity of daily living, and fall risk), P2: Change, P3: Modifications, P4: Realization, P5: Attitudinal adjustment, P6: Protection, P7: Prevention, P8: History of fall, P9: Medical consultation, P10: Psychological adjustment, P11: Motivation, and P12: P physical activity. Health professionals, caregivers and older persons can apply these principles to guide the design of fall prevention activities for older people living at home.


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