Causes of Postponing or Cancelling Surgeries of Pre-appointment Patients, Ratchaburi Hospital

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รำเพย วงค์คำปวน
วิรดา อรรถเมธากุล


This descriptive study aimed at examining causes of postponement or cancellation of the surgeries of pre-appointment patients at Ratchaburi Hospital. The sample consisted of a list of 3,015 patients scheduled to have an appointment to have an operation at Ratchaburi Hospital during 1 August to 31 October 2017.  Data were collected from a postponement or cancellation form. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze demographics and reasons of postponement or cancellation, while a Chi-square test was implemented to analyze associations between causes and other possible factors. It was found that about 18.7 percent of all pre-appointment patients postponed or canceled their surgeries. The reasons (56.47%) were no show of patients followed by unavailability of the surgeon (13.98%) and work overload (11. 33%) of surgeons respectively. The least likely cause was from un-readiness of operation rooms (4.6%).  There were statistical associations between postponement or cancellation and genders, ages, types of patients, rights of treatments, and a service system (p<.05). It was suggested that these findings could be used to enhance a quality of service by adding a process of increasing patients’ concerns and having them recognize the importance of keeping their appointment. Additionally, a two-day in advance confirmation system should be provided for patients to make contact regarding postponement or cancellation.


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