Factors Influencing Health Promotion Behaviors among Pre-aging Group

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Donnapa Chaisombut
Nantika Ananchaipattana


This crossectional study aimed at assessing the health promotion behaviors and identifying factors influencing health promotional behaviors among a pre-aging group. The participants consisted of 380 pre-aging people who were residing in the Ban tom sub district of Phayao province. Multi-stage random sampling was used to recruit the participants. Questionnaires were used to interview participants and were approved by three experts. Demographic data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Multiple Regression Analysis was used to identify factors influencing health promotion behaviors. The research revealed that a pre-aging group had health promotion behaviors at a moderate level (mean=3.67, SD=.70). When each component of health promotion behaviors were considered, it was found that responsibility to their own health had the highest score and at a good level(mean=3.81, SD=.68), followed by doing physical activities which was at a good level (mean=3.71, SD=.86), but nutritional promotion behavior was at a moderate level (mean=3.50, SD=.55). Five factors significantly influenced health promotion behaviors: gender (female), annual physical examination, health promotion knowledge, and enabling and reinforcing factors (Multiple R=.576, F=37.108, p<.001, df (5, 374). Those factors predicted 33.2% of the variation in health promotion behavior (R2=.332). Regarding the coefficients of regression (Beta), the results revealed that gender (female) was the most significant influencing factor (Beta=3.410, t=5.253, p<.001). The research suggests that health care providers should enhance health promotion among males and provide more nutritional promotion activities for a pre-aging group in order to prepare them to be the healthy elderly.


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