The Development of a Nursing Care Model for the Elderly with Hip Fracture in Fast-Track Surgery, Phrae Hospital

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Porntida Chuenban
Thanawan Sanpunya
Tipakorn Krasao


This research and development study aimed to develop a nursing care model for the elderly patients with hip fracture, receiving fast-track surgery in Phrae Hospital. Three stages of research were conducted, including 1) problem analysis and identification by focus group discussion, 2) nursing model development, and 3) evaluation of the nursing care model. The sample were 60 elderly patients with hip fracture and 55 registered nurses. The study was conducted from February to June 2021. The Research instrument used was a nursing care model for elderly with hip fracture in fast-track surgery. The data collecting instruments included 1) the elderly outcome form, 2) the nursing knowledge questionnaire, 3) the nursing capacity development plan, and the nursing supervision manual and 4) the evaluation form of model satisfaction. The Nursing Care Model for elderly patients with hip fracture included 1) screening of the elderly patients with hip fracture for fast-track surgery, 2) management of elderly patients with hip fracture for surgery in 48 hours, 3) use of Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline (CNPG) for the elderly patients with hip fracture, 4) ERAS program, 5) nursing care by the case manager,  6) development of nurses’ knowledge and skills, and 7) the nursing supervision manual. It was found that after using the model the elderly had better outcomes in all aspects. The average operating room nurses’ knowledge score increased from 12.14 to 14.57 and the average score of nursing practice following the guideline increased from before using the model development with the statistically significant level of .05. The nursing care model for the elderly with hip fracture in fast-track surgery had improved the efficiency and quality of the elderly care leading to achievement of  all standard goals set by the hospital.


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