Rehabilitation after surgery for hip fracture in older persons: Challenge issue in nursing.



                    Elderly people are at risk for complications after hip surgery from immobilization. Because the elderly have a physiological change in all the body systems, pre-surgery condition dementia, functional ability, muscle strength, waiting time before surgery, pain, delirium, depression and fear of falling. Recovery after surgery for hip fracture in older persons is a challenging role for nurses to promote functional ability. Early ambulation reduces complications and decreases mortality. Planning for rehabilitation of the elderly is a continuum from the hospital to the home. Nurse is an important person who participates in the rehabilitation process of the elderly. The goal is to enable the elderly to perform daily activities.  Keywords: Rehabilitation/ the elderly/ surgery for hip fracture/ hip fracture


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kanokporn koy jiewprasat, Thai Redcross College of Nursing
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