1. Editor
     1.1 Conducted in accordance with the wishes of readers and authors.
     1.2 Assure the quality of the published research.
     1.3 Supporting freedom of opinion
     1.4 Maintain the accuracy of the study report
     1.5 Protect intellectual standards from business needs.
     1.6 Make corrections willingly. Clarification, withdrawal and apologies if necessary.
     1.7 There must not be any published research or academic articles in Vajira Nursing Journal. Because it creates a conflict of interest or a conflict of interest
     1.8 Academic articles or research articles published in Vajira Nursing Journal. Reprint / duplicate will be verified. (duplications / plagiarism) prior to publication as follows:
          1.8.1 In the event that duplicate publishing is detected since the online submission process, the journal editor can cancel the entry into the process initially.
          1.8.2 In the event that a duplicate publication is detected in the peer review process, the editorial staff resolves to cancel the publication. The editors will cancel the publication. With reasons for authors And will not grant the right to appeal to authors Because it is considered that there is a duplicate publication intention
     1.9 List of citations cited in research articles or academic articles. Must not be older than 10 years unless it is a grand theory such as social theory. Psychological theory Or as a known theory in that science, it can be used as appropriate reference, such as Orem's Nursing Theory, etc.
However, it must be correctly referenced according to the primary source, not the secondary source or the tertiary source, as there may be misrepresentation or inconsistency or inaccuracy as required. It actually appears in the content of the primary source.
     1.10 Expenses for publication are as specified by Vajira Nursing Journal. If a qualified person (peer reviews) has read and considered the articles submitted Deems appropriate to add material that is important No page charge will be added.
     1.11 If it is found that the author has committed an ethical or unethical violation, a researcher or a scholar, such as copying another person's work without reference or citing their own work. (Self-citation), without modifying the writing style, authors must correct the ethics and ethics of researchers and scholars.
     1.12 Journal editors will not consider research articles that are not clearly divided into stages of large research projects. And when the editorial department detects such action The publication of the research article will be canceled as soon as the fact is known.

2. Reviewer

     2.1 Reviewers of academic articles / research articles must maintain confidentiality and do not disclose the information of the articles submitted to others.
     2.2 Academic / Research Article Reviewer Articles should be evaluated in their area of expertise. Including taking into account the quality of work Content concentration Technological accuracy in research technology And focus on the findings in an academic / research article that will be useful to that field.
     2.3 In the event that the person evaluating an academic article / research article realizes that he or she may have a conflict of interest with the author (conflict of interest) after an academic / research article has been assigned by an editor, such as a director or a qualified person to consider the academic work. / Research articles / author's academic articles Or being a project participant / approved Or know the author personally Or there are other reasons why academic articles / research articles cannot be considered independently. The article reviewer should notify the editor. And reject the evaluation of academic / research articles in the system.
     2.4 The reviewer of an academic article / research article must verify that any part of the academic / research article is identical or duplicates of another work. And let the editors know.
     2.5 Academic / research article evaluators should provide clear, concrete recommendations by identifying key sources of information. Or consistent and useful empirical evidence in the development of the article being evaluated.

3. Author

     3.1 The author's work must be a work that has not been published anywhere before. Including not in the process of considering published anywhere
     3.2 The work of others must not be copied, and there must be an accent whenever the work of others is presented in their own articles.
     3.3 If the work has participants or volunteers involved, the authors should make sure that they have performed in accordance with ethical principles and strictly adhered to relevant laws and regulations.
     3.4 The authors must disclose the source of funds to support the academic work.
     3.5 The authors' names appearing in the article must be real contributors.
     3.6 All manuscripts will be sent to at least 2 experts with expertise in each field of nursing, both internal and external, for evaluation prior to publication. The articles will be published when the authors make adjustments to the recommendations of the experts within the time limit. If the author does not edit the article on time or publish the article for publication in other journals during the pending process at Vachira San Hospital. The editors reserve the right to publish.