Compared the time to count the number of applications and the cost between Fess swab gauze and Webril for mop blood in nasal sinus surgery and nasal polypectomy undergoing endoscopic in the surgical operating room. Faculty of medicine vajira hospital Navamindharathiraj university

  • Phatraporn Wichapanit วชิรพยาบาล
Keywords: invention Fess swab gauze, Webril swab, packing in nasal sinus surgery


This research was a quasi-experimental research aimed to study The using  invention Fess swab gauze compared with Webril swab for mop blood in endoscopic nasal sinus surgery  in the surgical operating room. Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital Navamindharathiraj University.  Population and sample patients undergoing endoscopic nasal sinus surgery  from february 2016 to October 2016 was divided into groups using invention Fess swab gauze  and  Webril swab ,There were 48 pateints  in dividuals in 24 subgroups.  used in the study included a record of the time spent counting the swab in the nasal cavity during surgery before finished surgery. And record all numbesrs of pieces invention Fess swab gauze and Webril swab  per times per number of pieces swab [Content validity (CVI) = 0.89].Analyze the time counting data in seconds. And the use of  invention Fess swab  and Webril swab , Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics including mean, median, standard deviation .The research found that (1) Comparison of the use of the counting time period invention Fess Swab gauze and Webril swab in patients with endoscopic masal sinus surgery  before finish surgery, it was found that the use of invention Fess swab gauze counting period was significant less than Webril swab at the .0001 level. (2) compared the number of pieces invention Fess swab gauze used during surgery with Webril swab  in endoscopic nasal sinus surgery  . It was found that the number of invention Fess swab gauze  was significant lower than the Webril  swab number  at the .0001 level.


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