Older Adults’ Health Care of Secondary School Students in Bangkok

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Chakkrich Pidjadee
Prapaiwan Danpradit


Thailand has an increasing number of older population and the proportion of children and working age population is steadily decreasing. As a result, the country lacks the working age adults who are the main supporters and care for the older adults. As people get older, they get more sickness and need more health care from caregivers. Therefore, it is necessary to study the basic level of older adult health care of the secondary school students to prepare the qualified older adult caregivers to replace the declining working age group. This research was the descriptive survey research. The objectives were to study the level of knowledge on older adults’ health care and basic health care advice for the older adults and to compare the knowledge on older adult health care and basic health care advice for the older adults with different family and class characteristics of the secondary school students. The samples were the secondary school students of Wat Suttharam School, Bangkok. There were 300 samples who were selected from Wat Suttharam School by purposive sampling. The research tool was questionnaire modified from Bloom's concept. Data were collected from self-administered questionnaire. The statistics for analysis were mean, standard deviation (SD), t-test and F-test.

Research results: The results showed that the secondary school students had good level of knowledge on older adult health care and basic health care advice for the older adults. There was no statistically significant difference of the secondary school students with differences in family and class characteristics on knowledge of older adult health care and basic health care advice for the older adults.

Conclusion: The secondary school students had good level of knowledge and basic health care advice for the older adults. Therefore, the health care team should promote knowledge on older adult health care to the secondary school students to prepare the qualified caregivers for older adults to replace the declining working age group in the aging society.


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Prapaiwan Danpradit, College of Nursing and Health, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok,

Prapaiwan Danpradit


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