A study of expectation satisfaction and engagement towards of patient’s center of nursing excellence on wound and ostomy at Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital

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Kukwan Maleewong
Nongluk Kwanlamun
Thamonwan Yodkolkij
Charasporn Wilaisai
Rangsima Thiengthiantham


Patient engagement is important in nursing service planning. The purpose of this study was to describe expectations, satisfaction and engagement of patient of the center of nursing excellence in wound and ostomy and to study the relationship of different variables related to commitment by using the common sense framework as a guideline for the study. Participants were patients at the center of nursing excellence in wound and ostomy Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital, 169 patients. The questionnaire consisted of a personal information questionnaire expectationsatisfaction questionnaire and engagement questionnaire by analyzing using descriptive statistics and relations using Spearman's rho.

The results showed that age, sex, treatment rights, advance or modern dressing, the place is clean/convenient/comfortable/luxurious is correlate with the expectation of service recipients. Satisfaction was related to age, sex, number of treatment visits and is an old patient. It was also found that factors related to engagement were age and professional nurses. It was found that patients in the center of nursing excellence in wound and ostomy had a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 86.39, which interpreted the relationship to engagement. Providing service at an excellent level

The results of the study show that the services provided by the center of excellence in nursing should focus on the age of the service recipients and promoting the competency of nurses to specialize meet the needs of the service recipients' health problems

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Maleewong, K., Kwanlamun, N., Yodkolkij, T., Wilaisai, C., & Thiengthiantham, R. (2023). A study of expectation satisfaction and engagement towards of patient’s center of nursing excellence on wound and ostomy at Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital. Vajira Nursing Journal, 25(1), 39–57. Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/vnj/article/view/263255
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