Comparison of Bioactive Proteins in Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Obtained from Gel Particles and Non-Gel Particles by using a Commercial Centrifuge Column kit


  • N Wongdeethai Dhurakij Pundit University
  • T Thummuang Celtac Company Limited
  • A Damrongwattanapokin Dhurakij Pundit University
  • J Rongdet Celtac Company Limited
  • Y Pengtum Celtac Company Limited
  • P Teng-umnuay Dhurakij Pundit University


Platelet-rich Plasma, Selphyl, Dermalink Thailand, Mesoprase-20, Celtac Thailand


Evaluation of bioactive proteins in platelet-rich plasma after preparation, by using commercial centrifuge kits. Peripheral blood samples were drawn from 5 healthy male donors, aged 20-30 and processed with 2 types of commercial centrifugation column kits; a gel separator column kit (Selphyl, Dermalink Thailand) and a non-gel separator column kit (Mesoprase-20, Celtac Thailand). The completed blood count was measured by an automated machine. Additionally, the bioactive proteins were examined with the help of a cytokine chemokine profile and inflammatory marker such as: Platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB), Epidermal growth factor (EGF), Fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2), Hepatocyte Growth factor (HGF) and Interleukin-8 (IL-8). All results were analysed by the Magnetic Bead Immuno Chemiluminescence Assay method by Luminex magpix (Merck, Thailand). The results indicated that white blood cells in Selphyl showed significant differences in comparison to Mesoprase-20 values (mean, 0.05 vs. 0.10, p=0.028)., whereas the values of red blood cells and platelets showed no considerable deviations for both centrifuge kits. The cytokine chemokine profile and inflammatory marker analysis indicated no significant differences, except for EGF and FGF-2. When we compared the levels of EGF and FGF-2 with the ones of the recovered platelets, it became evident that these did not correlate with the concentration of platelets. The platelets count isolated from Sephyl was lower than from Mesoprase-20 (210.6 ± 58.95 vs. 261.8 ± 67.58 respectively, p = 0.140), other than the FGF-2 level that turned out to be higher (137.17±11.77 vs. 127.28±13.89, p = 0.034). When we considered the EGF level, both PRP Kits correlated with platelets count (261.80±126.7 vs. 392.10±158.72, p = 0.040). The experiment showed that Selphyl is more efficient than Mesoprase-20 when isolating PRP with less white blood cells. Regardless, red blood cells, platelets and bioactive proteins showed slightly significant differences as compared to Mesoprase-20. It also became evident that Selphyl was more useful, practical, convenient and completely closed systemic when collecting and isolating PRP from whole blood. However, the variation of bioactive proteins in platelet-rich plasma depended on individual variations as it directly affected the quality of platelet-rich plasma.


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