Study of Rilpivirine use in HIV-Infected People at Krabi Hospital


  • Phukaoluan S, Atsawattiwong S


Efavirenz, Rilpivirine, Lopinavir/ ritonavir, HIV


Background: Rilpivirine is a second-generation non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) that has fewer side effects than other NNRTIs, especially Efavirenz and is easier to administer than Lopinavir/ ritonavir. There is also a cheaper price per day than other drugs.

Objective: This study was to study the effectiveness and cost reduce of Rilpivirine antiretroviral therapy.

Methods: This retrospective study was done at Krabi Hospital by collecting data from study groups using Rilpivirine instead of Efavirenz (EFV) or Lopinavir/ ritonavir (LPV/ r) by evaluating the treatment of HIV viral load after taking Rilpivirine for not less than 24 weeks.

Results: All the study group found that HIV viral load were less than 40 copies/ml and no severe adverse reactions were reported. In addition, the cost can be reduced by 1049.96 baht per person per month.

Conclusion: Changes in treatment from Efavirenz, Lopinavir/ ritonavir to Rilpivirine do not reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, side effects decreased and the cost of medication also decreased.


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