Effect of Fall Precaution Guideline in the Women General Ward 1 at Lop Buri Cancer Hospital


  • Choeychom L, Tiplamai C, Thadthong S


Fall, Risk factors for fall, Guideline risk fall assessment


The purpose of this research were: (1) to development guideline to risk evaluation for preventive falls in patient at in-patient department”, and (2) to study effectiveness of guideline to risk evaluation for preventive falls in patient at in-patient department. The subjects were 8 professional nurses and 83 patients. Guideline to risk evaluation for preventive falls, assessment of practice following guideline form and satisfaction questionnaire were used as the research instruments. The content validity of the questionnaires was verified and approved by three nursing education experts. The Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient of the third part was 0.97. Statistical devices used for data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Chi-square test. The research results are as follows. (1) the patient was over 60 years old about 43.4%, they were from chemotherapy group about 43.4% and they were in high risk level by using the guideline 32.53% (2) The professional nurses using the guideline for nursing care at fair level (95%) and the satisfaction mean score of using guideline to risk evaluation for preventive falls at fair level (Χ=5). (3) The incident rate of falls after implementation for falls prevention at 0, the professional nurse should know about risk factor of falls and using guideline for risk assessment to prevention falls in every patient.


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