Orthopedist’s Perspective on Determinants of Anti-osteoporosis Medication Prescription in Osteoporotic Hip Fracture


  • Kittithamvongs P, Pongpirul K


Opinion, Anti-osteoporosis medication, Fragility hip fracture, Type of reimbursement


Background: At present, there are many guidelines recommend that patients who presented with osteoporosis hip fracture should be treated with anti-osteoporosis medication. Unfortunately, many studies revealed low rate of anti-osteoporosis medication received in these patients.

Objectives: To study the opinion of orthopedic surgeon on factors associated with prescription of anti-osteoporosis medication in patients who presented with osteoporosis hip fracture

Methods: The questionnaire was sent via an e-mail to orthopedic surgeons. The participants were asked about the factor associated with anti-osteoporosis medication prescription in osteoporosis hip fracture. Result was show as descriptive and each factor was analyzed using goodness of fit analysis.

Results: There were 174 participants in the study. Main reasons of not prescribe were cost of the treatment along with type of the health insurance scheme which cannot be reimbursed. Other reasons were age, gender, previous fragility fracture, and BMD result.

Conclusions: We found some factors which may have an association with anti-osteoporosis medication prescription or not in osteoporosis hip fracture. This adding knowledge may have benefit in planning the strategy of the treatment in these patients.


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